Malahide the Gourmet Captial of the East Coast of ireland

Eating out is an important ingredient, whether you live in Malahide or visiting the area on holiday or business. We are delighted that our Bar’s, Restaurants & Café’s receive the recognition they so well deserve. Despite the current economic trials in Ireland, this year has seen more restaurants open their doors here, attracting diners of every persuasion which clearly confirms that Malahide continues to be the number one food-lover’s destination on the East Coast on Ireland.

The cuisine offered in Malahide as a whole has changed radically over the past twenty years, the diversity both in cooking styles and in the variety of occasions that can be catered for.  The Bar’s, Restaurants & Café’s blend southern European, Asian & American influences with the richness of Irelands’s natural produce, such as its traditionally excellent dairy products, its quality organic vegetables & fruits and of course, the raw ingredients from its surrounding farmlands and abundant waters.

This transformation has been led by Malahide’s restaurants and what locals & seasonal visitors have known for years, has also now begun to be recognised by food writers, gourmets and gourmands from around the world.

If you look at the details, you can make out an exciting trend in Dublin’s constellation of culinary stars: first-rate cuisine is increasingly breaking away from the large hotels & chains. Leading the pack is Malahide where the dining experience is being shaken up by independent establishments and adventurous chefs tucked away in the traditional village & cobble locked streets.

With all these ingredients Malahide, in North County Dublin, in Ireland, richly deserves its title of ‘The Gourmet Capital of The East Coast’.

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