Malahide Historical Society

Malahide Castle

Malahide Historical Society is seeking images of Malahide over the last century to build a photographic archive which can be preserved for the future. The Society also seeks help in recording the various shops and businesses that operated in Malahide.

Do you have any information, old photographs, postcards, paintings or drawings to donate or alternatively lend for careful copying and prompt return?

Some of the information on this page was provided by the Historical Societies fantastic and indepth website, for further information on the history and heritage of Malahide we recommend you visit the Malahide Historical Society Museum in Malahide Castle, and their website:

PLEASE NOTE: The Museum is currently closed as part of the renovation and redevelopment project in Malahde castle, and will not reopen until the 2013 tourist season.

You can contact the Society by emailing:

Can you help?

Image 01: Below is a picture of the gasometer in Gasyard Lane, do you, or would you know of anyone who has a better photo and/or memories of the gasworks?

Malahide Gas Works

Image 02: Below is an image of the Red Cross male and female units at 1942 St. Patrick's Day parade in Malahide. Can someone name people and do they have any similar photos of wartime Malahide?

Red Cross male and female units at 1942 St. Patrick's Day parade in Malahide