October 2015

Run for your lives - A Zombie Infested 5Km Obstacle Race Course

25/10/2015 - Malahide Castle

Run for your lives - A Zombie Infested 5Km Obstacle Race Course)

After a successful 2014 event with over 2500 survivors, Outset is proud to present Run For Your Lives 2015 with more mud, more zombies and more obstacles than ever before. Run For Your Lives is a thrilling apocalyptic Zombie infested 5Km run, laced with demanding natural and manmade obstacles which leaves participants no option but to run for their lives.

The Aim: After an initial outbreak in the Quarantine Zone, Survivors must successfully get to the Safe Zone with at least 1 life tag remaining whilst traversing walls, ramps, mud pits and of course… The infected.

This year we’re going above and beyond to source our own Zombies, which means they’re going to be faster, stronger and scarier than ever before.

Everyone will be able to complete the course but to be called a true survivor (At least 1 tag remaining) it requires skill, speed, agility and above all… guts.

Are you ready to run for your life?


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