Marina Approach & Entrance

The entrance to the estuary is well marked. Boats should proceed to the Fairway Buoy (approximate position Lat. 53 27 101, Long. 06 06 811) and then proceed up the channel passing between the buoys leaving them to the appropriate side, up to the Marina entrance.

Three red and three green perch marks run from the safewater mark to just before the narrowing of the beaches. From there to the marina entrance, the channel is marked by three sets of buoys, bringing the total number of marks to six port and six starboard, marking the channel. Statutory sanction was received from irish lights for these lights; each light has a different characteristic.

As a rule of thumb and for guidance only, the depth at the Fairway Buoy is approximately 2 meters deeper than the shallowest point in the channel.

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Estuary Approach

Estuary Approach